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10 Problems Only People With Dry Skin Will Understand

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10 things only people with dry skin will understand

Whether during the depths of winter, or at the peak of summer–dry skin problems are no joke. 

Here are 10 things that only people with dry skin will relate to. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 


  • Travel size moisturisers

We bring it with us everywhere—so those tiny bottles sure come in handy. And we like options (just in case). Never wanting to be caught out— we like to make sure we have hand cream, foot cream, body lotion and a face cream with us at all times. 


  • And sometimes that doesn’t make a difference.

Sometimes all the moisturiser in the world can’t soothe our itchy, tight skin. So we just apply and reapply, hoping for the best, but fearing the worst. 


  • Forget wonderful– winter is the most terrifying time of the year.

As other people are decking their halls and decorating their trees, we’re anything but jolly. Winter is the worst time of year for our bone dry skin. Cold, chilling winds and no humidity in the air means we’ll be itching and scratching our way through to spring. 


  • Summer is scary too.

It’s not like we get relief when the weather warms up. Our skin is so sensitive that even after covering our entire bodies in sun cream, sunbathing is out. 


  • So are showers.

We have a profound appreciation for the distance between our moisturiser and the shower. Those moments between turning off the water and slathering on the lotion are so excruciating, it almost makes us question if this whole bathing thing is really worth while.


  • Makeup is impossible—you may as well be wearing a mask.

Applying makeup to our parched skin give a whole new meaning to “caked on”. Not only that, but where are all these lines coming from? Dry skin doesn’t care if you’re in your twenties—makeup + dry patches = disaster. 


  • That feeling of panic when you accidentally use a product containing alcohol.

Oh the burn! 


  • Itchiness

Not just the occasional itch— but all over maddening, crazy, compulsive itchiness all of the time. Nothing boosts your confidence like the constant need to scratch your entire body. 


  • Scalps are skin too.

That means dandruff. Black shirts are out. 


  • Fear of air conditioners (and radiators) (and wind) (and the sun)

If you have dry skin, all these things may as well be the same thing: moisture sapping monsters. When you come in from the cold, when you escape the heat… when you’re outside in the cold, when you’re outside in the heat. Can’t win. Great. 



Jokes aside, dry skin is really uncomfortable. If you want some hints and tips on how to keep it under control, then head over to our blog. From seasonal changes, to the difference between how to look after  different areas of your body– we’ve got you covered.