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8 bad habits that are affecting your skin

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Although some people suffer from dry, cracked skin due to environmental and hereditary factors, there are a number of things you can control to help keep your skin healthy. Considering these factors and cutting them out of your daily routine can have considerable benefits and may help you if you’re looking to work out exactly what causes or exacerbates your skin problems. Here are 8 bad habits that are affecting your skin:

  1. Sleeping in your socks
    Some argue that sleeping with socks on can help you get a better night’s sleep; if you suffer from dry, cracked feet, this could be a key contributing factor. Sleeping in socks you have worn all day will create a breeding ground for sweat and subsequent bacteria, suffocating your feet and causing dryness.
  2. Sleeping in old bedding
    A common trigger for dry skin issues is reaction to dust mites: microscopic particles which gather in fabrics such as bedding. If you suffer from dry skin, it’s worth washing your bedding weekly to ensure there are no irritants in your place of comfort.
  3. Having hot showers
    It might feel like the perfect solution on a cold morning, but many argue that long hot showers can have negative effects on the skin, causing inflammation, itchiness and, ultimately, drying out the skin. The heat washes out natural oils, fats and proteins, which maintain healthy skin. Reducing the temperature and taking 5 minutes off your daily shower will wield significant results.
  4. Over exfoliation and lathering
    Using lots of moisturiser or shower gel may seem beneficial, but it may be causing even more dryness to the skin. Too much moisturiser can clog pores and, instead of absorbing and moisturising your skin, may have the opposite effect. Similar to high temperatures in the shower, overuse of shower or bath products can strip the skin of essential oils and nutrients and cause dryness too. Our skincare products are effective and long-lasting, and thus only require minimal application.
  5. Not washing your face before sleep
    Another essential bedtime ritual, washing your face before bed is a must for keeping your skin fresh. Washing your face will not only remove dirt and germs collected during the day, but help your skin naturally exfoliate overnight without blockage.
  6. Not showering after swimming
    Chlorine, like many harsh chemicals, can cause significant damage to skin, especially sensitive skin. The disinfectant strips your pores of natural oils and nutrients over a prolonged period and causes dryness, cracks and premature ageing if not promptly cleaned off. Be sure to shower after swimming and apply moisturiser to sensitive areas; our Skin Repair product is perfect for this.
  7. Too much air conditioning
    At the height of summer, especially in office environments, we are likely to be exposed to air conditioning for a large part of our day. Although it may provide temporary relief, the artificially-generated breeze can affect the skin’s natural moisture balance and cause irritation. Try to ensure you take breaks to spend some time outdoors and keep moisturised during these kinds of days.
  8. Not drinking enough water
    A top tip to remember: if you aren’t hydrated, your skin won’t be either. There’s a multitude of negative side effects associated with not drinking enough water and, if you’re not in the habit of regular hydration, remember your skin may be suffering because of it.

Above all, neglecting dry, cracked skin is the worst habit of all. Our range of skincare products offer guaranteed relief for dry, cracked skin with no added extras. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for skincare tips, competitions, testimonials and more.